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    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

    Arm Lift Surgery - Brachioplasty

    Arm Liposuction

    Body Lifting

    Body Lipostructure


    Botox Therapy (Hyperhidrosis)


    Breast Augmentation - Aqua Filling

    Breast Augmentation - Fat Tissue

    Breast Augmentation - Implants

    Breast Implants Removal

    Breast Implants Replacement

    Breast Lift

    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast Reconstruction after partial or complete Mastectomy

    Breast Reconstruction with Latissimus

    Breast Reduction

    Brow Lift

    Buttocks Augmentation – AQUA filling body line™ INJECTIONS (200cc, a100cc/side)

    Buttocks Augmentation with Aqua gel filling

    Buttocks Augmentation with Fat Tissue

    Buttocks Augmentation with Implants

    Calf Liposuction

    Cheekbone Augmentation

    Chin Liposuction

    Complete Face and Neck Lift

    Consultation & Check Up

    Ear Correction (Otoplasty)

    Eyebrow Hair Transplant

    Eyelids Correction - Blepharoplasty


    Face Lift

    Forehead Lift

    Full Face Lift


    Hair Transplantation - FUE Method

    Hair Transplantation - PRP Therapy

    Hand Surgery


    Inverted Nipples

    Knee Liposuction


    Laser belt liposuction

    Laser liposuction of the arms

    Laser liposuction of the back

    Laser liposuction of the banana folds

    Laser liposuction of the knee

    Laser liposuction of the lumbar region

    Laser liposuction of the neck

    Laser liposuction of the ouside of the thigh

    Laser liposuction of the stomach

    Laser liposuction of the whole legs

    Laser liposuction on the inside of the thigh

    Legs Liposuction

    Lip Augmentation


    Liposuction of Thighs

    Lower Eyelids Correction


    Mini Face Lift

    Mommy Makeover

    Neck Lift

    Neck Liposuction

    Nose Correction (Rhynoplasty)

    Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)

    Partial Facelift

    Penis Enlargement


    Secondary Rhinoplasty



    Stomach Liposuction

    Thigh Liposuction

    Tip Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty)

    Total Body sculpturing and contouring

    Total Body Suspension

    Total Face and Neck Lift

    Upper Arm Liposuction

    Upper Eyelids Correction


    Vertical Face Lift

    Whole Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty)

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What to say? Everything below the expression ‘ Perfect’ would be an understatement. From the organization by Mr. Jancovic the CEO of Whats Clinic Serbia and Aesthetic Serbia via the well ahead planned and executed work by Jasmina the Dr. Georgijev center director to the Absolut top of the top performance of Dr. Igor Gerorgiev and his team , the extra miles of all the nursing staff and assistants which took more than ever expected care of me , the drivers and everybody involved, the only thing to say is A BIG BIG Thank You and express my pure gratitude and appreciation for all what was done for me. Chapeau for this fantastic experience at the Dr. Georgijev center in Belgrad. I can definitely recommend the Dr. Georgijev center in Belgrad without any hesitation. Thank you!

Ingo Koller

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Everything went according to plan. From the moment I sent my inquiry, through the excellent communication with the patient support Milica Gvozdenovic, as well as the online conversation with the doctors, quick answers to all my questions, the transfer from the airport and the very kind driver who met me at the arrival terminal with my name on board, to the perfectly performed operation and very kind doctors and all the staff at the hospital, later check-ups and return home also with the help of the AestheticSerbia team. I simply have no complaints. This is a very well-coordinated team.

Federica Jones

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Overall I'm very satisfied, Milica Gvozdenovic was very helpful securing my appointments and answering all my questions. And I'm very happy with my breast augmentation results, Dr. Igor Maljkovic was tentative and professional. I will be back to him again on my next vacation to Belgrade for sure. The first time you see the professionalism of these people, the next time is easier and easier.

Marija Savic

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I want to shower praise on my patient coordinator with Aesthetic Serbia, who coordinated all my appointments with my surgeon in Belgrade, Serbia. As well, she was there for me to help coordinate the shuttle from the airport and options of available labs near my hotel for the required Covid Antigen test needed to exit the country and just keeping up with me to help along the way with written and voice messages, which were a comfort to me. It certainly made the whole process so much easier for me. Thank you so much!

Emily Andreasen

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Indescribably good site! You can get all the necessary information in one place, Milan reacted quickly and immediately informed me what the doctor said. Communication was through the WhatsApp application, as well as through email. The doctor called me directly which was so fine with me. I am very satisfied with this service.

Oliver Hoffmann

  • December 10, 2020

Cheap breast implants – myth or reality?

Is there such a thing as cheap breast implants? Truth uncovered!

Cheap Breast implants. Those two terms simply do not go side by side. Cheap diamonds. Cheap steak. Cheap Lamborghini. Some things cannot be spoken without feeling terrible, terribly wrong. We can promise you that, no matter how hard you look for a good deal on a Lamborghini,  a diamond or (God forbid) a steak, you will not find it. Cheap boobs? Well, that’s another story.

Getting yourself breast implants, breast augmentation, boob job – call it whatever you like is a dirty, wet dream for many women across the globe today. Easily understandable – who would not want an ample bosom? An average pair of breasts probably has more functions today than a Swiss army knife: beauty enhancers, confidence boosters, envy sparkers and of course – man magnets.  For most of the many – this dream remains only that – a dream. Again, this is easily understandable. Notoriously expensive, breast surgery is one of those difficult-to-reach goals. Naturally, this only makes women crave for it stronger.

In desperation, many women turn to a quick solution: undergoing a surgery in a semi-illegal clinic somewhere in one of the third world countries, all in a (naive) hope of avoiding skyrocketing bills and bank loans that are 5 digits long.  How many times have you heard horror stories of patients having near-death experiences or dying in hellish pains after visiting a clinic buried somewhere in Latin America or Southeast Asia?

Luckily, there IS a way to avoid ending up on TLC in one of those gruesome “greatest medical disaster shows”. Cheap breast implants (which do not explode) ARE REAL. You do NOT have to fly on a military airplane for 16 hours and then parachute yourself with Special Forces to get an affordable boob job.

In the heart of Europe (yes, Europe) lies a country which is rushing to the first place of world’s top medical destinations with 7 miles steps! Ladies, let us introduce you to – Serbia! Nestled in a southern part of Europe, this small country is quickly gaining the reputation among medical tourists. And with a good reason! Serbian doctors are notorious (just kidding, world acclaimed and renowned) for their knowledge, reliability and expertise. That especially goes for Serbian plastic surgeons, who have recently developed a niche – catering to the needs of foreign patients (especially women) looking for cheap and yet reliable cosmetic surgery.  The Huge chunk of those patients are women who have somehow discovered one of the best-kept secrets of medical tourism – Serbia.

Cheap breast implants are not the only reason patients pick this charming country. Serbia is getting rediscovered as a tourist destination and is featured on most of the media of highest reputation in tourism: BBC travel, Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor. The country is amazingly connected with direct flights from most worlds’ mega hubs: New York, Beijing, Moscow, London and Paris. Here you can check some of the featured articles and guides:




A bit of everything and a bit for everyone: nature, food and nightlife.  Listing all of the articles would take days if not months. Our last recommendation will be about your idea starting point in your search for cheap breast implants – AestheticSerbia.com

We won’t say anything about the website, but will only give you a small hint – look at their review section

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Costs of dental care have been constantly on the rise in the past decades and this has given a rise to an increased number of people who avoid visiting their dentist due to prices often being in 5 digit numbers.